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Daresay - Your News Cheatsheet


Too busy to read long articles and scan all the papers? Welcome to your news cheatsheet. Only in Daresay is each story packed with articles from different publishers, giving you the full unbiased story. We distill down the highlights, so you’re up to date in a snap. News as it should be.Features:
Catch up on the goOur stories pick out the highlights, with easy to read headlines and to-the-point summaries. They look great on the screen, you can read offline too.
Get the full storyEach story contains highlights and extracts from all the articles about a news event, so you know youre getting the complete picture, balanced and unbiased.
Be the first to knowNever miss a beat, stay on top of breaking news with alerts. Customise what stories you get notified about, and how often.
Your perfect mixDaresay is your personal, customisable news service. Choose your sources, rank your sections. Delete stories you dont like, fave ones you do. Daresay learns, so you only get the stuff that interests you.
Your Opinions, front and centreYour comments take pride of place in Daresay, it’s your opinions that build the full story.
Be socialFollow users on topics. Read opinions you care about. Comment in your own Daresay community. Share top stories through all your social networks.
Edit storiesDisagree with a headline? Think weve missed an important angle? Edit the story, add sources, delete content - shape it as you see it and share your take with your followers.
Create storiesSomething big happening? Write the story. Add your sources, pull out extracts, write your headlines, and be the first to tell the story.
All the articles on a story are in one place, so you never have to read the same thing twice or scour every paper for more detail.
We source from all the top publishers such as the BBC, The Guardian, CNN, Wall Street Journal. Discover fascinating, passionate and hilarious opinions from places such as the New York Times, Al Jazeera, Vice and even Twitter.
Make catching up on the news a pleasure! Our app is simple and intuitive, swipe to browse your sections, swipe to read more stories, tap for more detail, and do it all with one hand.
Share stories and excerpts via Facebook and Twitter, through your chat apps such as WhatsApp or Viber, you can even email and text.
Commenting is easy and fun, and your perspective is crucial to the story. News is no longer just about passively reading. News is having an opinion about the world around you, taking a stand on issues you care about, and finding out what others think.
Follow people you trust, on topics they know about. Follow a gym buddy on sports and health, a friend on culture, a colleague on politics and tech. Tag people in your comments, join a buzzing conversation in your own tailored Daresay community.
Daresay is all about giving control back to you, helping you cut through the noise, and enjoy the news!